1. The Killin Case
    The Killin Case
  2. Chasing the Shadow
    Chasing the Shadow
  3. Conquering the Past
    Conquering the Past
   The Killin Case
Some may say it’s wrong, but trust me, when it’s Julian its oh so right.

For years, I’ve been keeping things professional, maintaining a distance. Now, here I was, inside the cockpit, flying his private jet, thinking about all the naughty things we had done together. So many things…

Just the thought of his fingers on my skin, his lips on my neck, his hips pressed against mine, is enough to send me into a frenzy. I never thought sex could feel so good but then again, I never had a lover like Julian. Tall, handsome...
New Year's Shadow

There’s something ominous lurking in the shadows.   

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a crush on Noah. After tragedy struck, he came to live with us and I became obsessed, pinning over the boy who’d never see me as anything but a friend.

Now, we’re both in college and still living together. Maybe, now that we’re alone, something can blossom from our relationship. A girl can dream, right?

  Conquering the Past

Daunted by his dark past in the Mafia, Ryan is running. He comes to New York and meets Mary Kaitlyn, immediately drawn to her. Kaitlyn is dealing with    
her own ghost, having recently been left by her fiancé. After initial hesitation, Katie is drawn to Ryan...